About Us

Centura Development Company, LLC is a nationally-acclaimed developer of commercial, residential, retail, hospitality and mixed-use properties.

Since its foundation in 1998, Centura has experienced outstanding growth. With a focus on innovative design, astute use of financial resources, productive public and private partnerships, and employment of premier talent, Centura has earned an exceptional reputation for a commitment to superior quality design and construction.

A full-service real estate development company, Centura’s knowledge and experience in all phases of the development and construction processes, from acquisition through exit, is what allows it to achieve an exceptionally high level of detail and efficiency throughout its portfolio. The expertise of Centura’s team spans across acquisition, planning, finance, design, construction, and beyond. The company promotes syndications and equity capitalization and is responsible for site selection, zoning & entitlements, government interactions, land planning, and design development.

In 2000 Centura received the ABS Excellence in Construction Award and in 2006 the Envision Utah Governor’s Award for Top Sustainable Project.

Centura Tower One, Dallas, Texas, 2000 | Centura Development Co.
Centura Tower One, Dallas, Texas, 2000